Saturday, March 23, 2013




 one// My architecture story started out with a line, a square, and a rectangle. A building, like any good story, is a composition of structure, variety, and moments of threshold. For me, the act of creation is relative to any other instinctual quality. The creative energy is something that is as fluid as breathing to me-- I could not exist without this act of transformation, nor could my creations exist without my activity. These qualities are indeed paramount to the very existence of spatial dimensions.

I don't believe in perfection in the sense that most people do. I believe perfection exists mutably within the parameters of imperfection. Imperfections are often far more intriguing than the affluent sense of infallibility that perfection itself transmits to our psyches. It is a great love for the underdog that drives my work. A crooked line often has far more character than an orthogonal one. The challenge, therefore,  is to find a balance between the two.

That being said, my love for architecture, as with many other forms of artistry, is very much contingent upon the creation of beautiful objects. I don't believe there are simply pedagogical processes that exist in architecture as theory and form. I believe there are more dynamic aspects that manifest themselves by their own merit, often through the act of creation more than the process itself. This infrastructural approach is more concrete in terms of establishing a less refined by more honest form of built environment.

Design is evolutionary AND revolutionary, to put it mildly. While uniformity was once a mainstay of architectural design, there is a constant pressure to push the envelope. Developing new forms, new processes, and new materials is essential to evolving into a new mode of architectural design. The ideologies of regulation and symmetry that were once prized, while still valid today, have been distorted into a more future-forward ideology. The very foundation has been shaken. A new world is vastly approaching and we must rise to the challenge.

I feel frequently challenged by architecture, and within it encompasses the drama, intrigue, and metamorphosis that spurs my creativity. Like a great marriage, it challenges me to become a better designer and fundamentally has changed me, and I it. I feel as if I evolve with it, and will aid it in its evolution as well. When people ask me "why architecture?", I feel unabashedly that I am not only here to master it, but also to change it.