Friday, March 6, 2015

Lecture with AREA Architecture (03.02.2015)

AREA Architecture (Glenn Wilcox and Anca Trandafirescu)  was established in 2003 and focuses on making things, using tools, and working through different platforms. They are innovative in developing unusual research strategies of assembly, construction and manufacturing. Their projects are very invested in the public realm and how we engage with it.

 Anca said that “Glenn built boxes during the day and she tore them up at night.” They met as undergraduates and began making projects before they even graduated. Their projects have a wide range of functions and forms but many, such as their “Protomoments,” deal with unstable objects that embrace failure.  These objects are not scaled version of known objects but rather innovative experimentations into the prototyping process and establishing new materials. Their work has a high emphasis on social interaction and modes of craft, yet conversely they write code to generate geometries in a digital medium (which seems the the oppose the ideologies of “craft” we were accustomed to in architectural studies.)

Although sometimes they practice separately, the end result of their combined talents and cumulative efforts is both beautiful and interactive. The idea of “laying ground” in the public realm, which is a process often replete with idiosyncrasies, seems to be articulated through flat-stock forms of material and laser-cutting in much of their recent work. The ideas of the module, of prototyping and generative complexity are inherent in their work and the meaning that they produce in their anthropological interest into the impact of digital technology in the public realm. I have found their work incredibly fascinating and inspiring for my work with tectonics this semester and hope that this enthusiasm is someday reflected in my work. 

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