Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reflections on LAR 560: Final Assignment

Landscape Architecture, for me, is an illusive animal. It is a idyllic form of expression, a marriage of philosophies, and often nebulous in its form. Over the course of the semester I feel like it gained a certain level of merit where I had previously only known it in its base form. It metamorphosed into something more functional, more vibrant, and ultimately more challenging. After spending the last five years entrenched in the structural environment, it was transformative in terms of establishing a new foundation for learning and experimentation. I began investigating the built environment (and unbuilt, for that matter) in new and profound ways. The professional practice course aided me in seeing a more practical, methodical, and structured approach to a somewhat ambiguous profession. 

What exactly is Landscape Architecture? For me, it is dreams incarnate. It is a realm of possibility, where ideas can be implemented and cause a wide variety of changes to the environment. It is a paradoxical field in that we have the ability to greatly change and innovate a landscape but also must maintain its integrity. It encompasses more than the “landscape”-- the name is so far removed from its meaning that I feel it does not give the discipline due justice. Landscape Architecture has such a wide variety of forms, ranging from parks to city planning. It seems like an ineffective title for such a wonderful profession. I hope that someday we are able to redefine it somehow or, better yet, educate the public about how valuable and beautiful it is.

The contemporary landscape architecture professional is….:
1. Underestimated
2. Powerful
3. Innovative
4. Transformative
5. Responsible
6. Revolutionary
7. Creative
8. Ethical
9. Fearless
10. Extraordinary

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