Thursday, February 26, 2015

MAde Studio Lecture (02.23.15)-- “Playing Lines”

This week we attended a lecture with MAde Studio (Maigret Arquero design Studio) and I was particularly impressed by their use of models and scientific studies into design strategies. Their work was dynamic and full of energy. Particular takeaways for me were with designing playground structures and using innovative technologies, with which they appeared to have great skill. In describing failures in wastewater treatment in the urban environment, they investigated solutions to a wide range of environmental problems through a mixture of research, model-making, and analog investigations in a digital format. The City of Ludington (which I had never heard of up until this point) was a good example of urbanization over time and resource adaptation.

Although perhaps more grand in scale than projects I have been working on, I felt I gained much inspiration from this lecture. In terms of research, from analyzing and inventorying, we as landscape architecture have to strategize planning not only for the current time but the FUTURE as well. We also have to analyze our sites based on the past. In this way, design is timeless. It is articulated through visual limitations and timeless space in ways that are often unseen and unspoken. By researching and investigating the richness of the big data present in the digital age, we as designers also have to learn how to read between the lines while stepping outside of prescribed boundaries. The articulation into charts and graphs can be visually stimulating and informative of the culture and context of a city, as we see in MAde’s scope of work.  

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