Saturday, February 14, 2015

LAR 560 Conference Call with Jason Hellendrung at Sasaki (02.11.15)

This week we spoke with Jason Hellendrung at SASAKI and learned about the City of Boston: Designing With Water project that he has been working on. He spoke to us about Hideo Sasaki, the principles and aesthetic of the firm, and how these principles were used in the process and implementation of their projects.

Most of our session was spent speaking about their partnership with the Boston Harbor Association and steps they took to use innovative strategies to combat flooding and initiative stormwater management through controlled design. The idea of engaging communities by allowing water to penetrate areas of waterfront and even buildings is not a new concept, but Sasaki’s investigations into this were both innovative and efficient. In investigating further into this project, the twelve case studies were rich with viable information that, when used constructively, could be outwardly beneficial in a wide range of projects to combat natural disasters and environmental changes over time.

There is a strong theme in our society now, especially with the ease of transmission of environmental data, to see environmental disaster as a catalyst for infrastructural change. By researching and identifying particular ways to use urban endurance strategies in adaptation, there can be a transformative quality to the landscape. As professionals, we are tasked with utilizing logical methods of design to help protect the livelihood of citizens while also preserving the productive ecologies of landforms and waterscapes.  Planning (whether in phases or process), resiliency strategies, and multifaceted solutions are all important steps in this process of preservation and investigation and can serve as benchmarks for greater community awareness and adaptability. 


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